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Megan Kelly Smith


Holistic  Happiness  Training

I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) with a Masters Degree in Clinical Holistic Health Education and Counseling. 


I designed Holistic Happiness Training to help you find more enjoyment in yourself, your relationships, your career and in your everyday life. 

I remember the day that I finally admitted that even though my life looked perfect to everyone else,

I was secretly suffering.

I was extremely unhappy. 

My education and the classic approach of psychotherapy trained me to diagnose and treat problems not cultivate solutions.  Finally, I realized that the old way was not working for me either and I had to figure out a new solution to my very common experience of feeling anxious, depressed, stressed out and cut off from feeling happy.


Want to feel Better?

Holistic Starter
1 hr 30 min





2709 Alcatraz Avenue Berkeley,  CA  94705

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