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Megan Kelly Smith


Holistic  Happiness Training

Holistic Happiness Training was developed from Megan's personal and professional experience of emotional wellness.

I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) with a Masters Degree in Clinical Holistic Health Education and Counseling. 


I designed Holistic Happiness Training to help you find more enjoyment in yourself, your relationships, your career and in your everyday life. 

I remember the day that I finally admitted that even though my life looked perfect to everyone else,

I was secretly suffering.

I was extremely unhappy. 

My education and the classic approach of psychotherapy trained me to diagnose and treat problems not cultivate solutions.  Finally, I realized that the old way was not working for me either and I had to figure out a new solution to my very common experience of feeling anxious, depressed, stressed out and cut off from feeling pleasure.


I developed Holistic Happiness Training to cultivate a mindset that is optimistic and bold.

 ~now getting happy has never been easier.

We now know that being happy is a skill that can be learned and Holistic Happiness Training is designed to teach you how.
​There is great wisdom in powerful traditional practices and modern discoveries that reveal how to cultivate joy and how to feel relaxed, aware, and confident.  I developed Holistic Happiness Training to help myself and my clients be happier. 

I have had fantastic results and I expect you will too.  

My counseling style is personal and solution focused. I like to see results fast. I believe that shifts in attitude can come in an instant of understanding.  I use a holistic approach, which includes strengthening the body and the mind with a healthy lifestyle. 

Once you understand how to manage your emotions it is easy to figure out what can be done to improve the quality of your life.  Everyone can benefit from emotional fitness that ​Holistic Happiness Training offers.


Together, we explore ways to better understand your thoughts, emotions and behaviors.  You will gain new perspectives on the challenges you face and choices you make.  You will learn effective ways to make profound and lasting improvements in your relationships at work and at home.  You will discover how live your life to the fullest while cultivating optimism and true joy. 


Learn how to manage upsetting emotions and difficult relationships by discovering your strengths and how you can be your best in any situation with Holistic Happiness Training.

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